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Maya Stanton. The best gifts that give back in When you're overwhelmed by choice, simplify the endless selections by seeking out companies using their products and platform to ignite positive social change. Related content Shopping The best gear to keep you cozy this winter. Sustainable travel These outdoor and travel brands are taking on carbon neutrality in Food and drink This cult-classic whiskey inspired a Denver camp out Previous. Archie is invited to escort Cheryl to that, too — Mr. Alice, you see, has been fired. She rips off her trademark necklace and pearls scatter all over the locker-room floor.

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Tapping trees, throwing bricks, tearing pearls: This episode has it all! V and B visit the Muggs family at the hospital, bearing flowers. Veronica feels compelled to reveal her parentage this might not be the best time, Ronnie , and Mrs. Muggs is disgusted. After all, she was there for her when she desperately needed a friend. At the banquet, Clifford shares his motives for bringing Jason 2.

It also seems like the Blossoms have a vested interest in establishing some kind of redheaded master race. Polly swoops in to ask Archie to dance.

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Archie flees, and as he does, he overhears the Blossom parents conspiring to reclaim the drive-in property. No more summer program. No more Pretty Woman treatment. Cheryl copes with rejection in a way that is not, well, un-murderer-ish.

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After sharing the good news that Polly is a double agent, Jughead and Betty invite Alice, an adult woman, to write for the school newspaper. Somehow, this is the single most implausible thing to happen on Riverdale , which is really an achievement. Archie may be done with the Blossoms, but Val is done with him. Excellent judgment, Val.

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Fred will stick with SoDale, he tells Hermione — in exchange for a 20 percent stake. Archie relays the conversation between Mr.

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Blossom to Jughead and Betty. If the Blossoms had plotted to destroy the Lodge family, could Hiram have returned the favor? Already a subscriber? Log in or link your magazine subscription.

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