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While the threats to Uton continue to grow, Ryson takes control of the battle and brings the fight back to the demons' breeding grounds. Returning his focus to his initial quest, Ryson breaks through new barriers and allows a growing enlightenment of his spiritual essence to guide him against his enemies.

A new perspective of the soul offers the one path which may allow him to defeat the devious menace and save all of Uton. Delver Magic Book IX. Yorum Yaz. Available for download.

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Not available in stores. Ryson Acumen battles frustration and fatigue as another struggle unfolds before him. A growing conflict threatens to engulf Uton from the western shores to the eastern plains. Illusions abound after the magic from an erratic sorceress alters the corridors of life and death, and the delver faces internal doubts as well as horrific monsters. A treacherous creation first hunts the dark creatures of a nightmare realm, but the danger quickly falls back upon Uton.

Forced to choose between divergent paths, Ryson must rely on others to defend the person he cares about the most. Something dark and powerful is seeking to control Uton.

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It is trying to obliterate everything good by sending out dark creatures. These dark creatures have always been disorganised and self-seeking, except when theyd previously been under the control of Sazer, the Serp. Now they are united again, driven by the false promises and desires of this dark monster. Now the races must unite again if they have any chance of succeeding before the dark forces move to rid Uton of everything good.

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The Dwarves are eager to redeem their past transgressions but not all races are quick to forgive. An old friend reappears to redeem himself. I was happy to see Dzeb enter the story again as I love this character. Ryson, Linda and Enin seem to be particular targets of the dark power, so they must part company to spread the dark forces further apart.

He is tired. More than tired. He longs for an ordinary life. His recent life seems to have been battle after battle and he begins to doubt as to whether his interference and sacrifices have really made a difference. The story moves quickly towards the battle of good against evil. It reminded me of the end of the days Revelations. I think that one of the reasons that I have enjoyed this series so much aside from the wonderful characters is that there are no loop holes that leave me wondering about how something could have happened.

Everything that happens is well thought out and makes sense. Every thread of plot interweaves perfectly into the bigger story.

Delver Magic Book IV: Nightmares Shadow

The story may be a fantasy but the fantastical does make sense when you lose yourself in the plot. I look forward to reading book 5. Aug 14, James Groenestein rated it it was amazing Shelves: fantasy , kindle.

After reading the first 3 books, I had high hopes for this instalment. Again the author has given a brilliant story of the struggles against evil, and the power of good that triumphs over that evil! Apr 15, Marcus rated it it was amazing Shelves: reading-challenge This is the fourth book in the series and still going strong. This particular storyline contains all your old friends from the previous books with a couple of surprises thrown in.

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There are also two, count them, two twist plots that I really really didn't see coming that really enhances the story. Still a very good read and a very very good series. Apr 09, Don Brown rated it liked it Shelves: fantasy , fiction. Good reading, interesting plot, and since I knew most of the characters from the previous three books, it was an enjoyable installment.

I won't mention it because it would be a spoiler. I enjoyed the first book the most! Jun 29, Karen Turner rated it it was amazing. I have really enjoyed the series so far.

Now on the fifth one. Feb 17, Jennifer rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. Once again Jeff weaves a good story that you don't want to put down. Oct 12, Leslie rated it liked it.