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Other fine-dining restaurants like Alinea and The Aviary have since incorporated this approach. Spacious is a startup in New York City that uses beautiful, dinner-only restaurant dining rooms as coworking spaces by day. Food waste is a big problem in the U. Several companies are working to fight this problem. Food For All allows people to buy cheap leftovers when restaurants close, preventing them from ending up in the trash. Some themes can be gimmicky. Others can make the restaurant experience extremely fun. Supperclub in Amsterdam presents a rotating list of live performances, artists, and more, all while guests lie down on beds.

At The National Restaurant Association Show , one of the more talked about menu trends was incorporating ingredients with medicinal benefits, like turmeric and kombucha. At Apotheke in NYC, modeled after European apothecaries and Parisian absinthe dens, the cocktail bar is less of a bar and more of a stage, or chemistry lab, where bartenders have the cure to what ails you.

There are so many ways to make your restaurant decor speak for your brand, but Brandy Library in NYC is an exceptional example. It is a refined bar and lounge, where sommeliers climb ladders up vertical bookcases to fetch bottles. Guests climb up, have a great meal while suspended in the trees, and then climb down. Many restaurants are influenced by the history in their community, but what about theming your restaurant around a period of history?

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The Burgary references the embezzling exploits of s bankers Max Garfunkel and Marcus Tauster, whose former office building is the exact location of the restaurant and bar. Hospitalis Restaurant in Riga, Latvia has unfortunately closed, but that doesn't make it any less of a great restaurant idea. Here, it's a horror show meets dining experience, where bartenders wear lab coats and waitresses wear nurse uniforms, strap you into a straight jacket, and spoon feed you.

Definitely something guests won't forget. Dinner and a show, except your servers are the show. Because it's located near Broadway, many servers have gone on to perform on the stage, including Brandon Ellis and Eric Michael Krop. Seeing movies with food. IPIC Theaters is a movie theater chain with restaurant-quality food from James Beard-awarded chefs, and Nitehawk Cinema tailors the menu to the movie selection.

La Caverna in NYC invites guests underground to a cave-like basement dance club with hookahs at the bar. Stalactites hang from the ceiling, and guests feel like they're inside a lair. We all know that tech addiction is real. Why not offer guests the opportunity to unplug? Hearth in NYC helps customers disconnect from their devices by stashing phones away in a small decorative box on the table.

Want to mix up the old brick-and-mortar model? Some restaurants have found unique ways to give back to charities and their community.

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Inspiration Kitchens in Chicago offers a food service training program to support in-need community members and train them for careers in hospitality. Oregon Public House in Portland has established relationships with a number of non-profit organizations to which their pub donates all proceeds. Turn your chefs into the stars of your restaurant.

Restaurants like Alinea and Roister in Chicago put their chefs front-and-center so diners can see them at work. In some cases, you want your customers to put away their cell phones and enjoy the experience. In other cases, the cell phone can improve the experience. Chefs at Taranta in Boston draw QR codes onto certain dishes with squid ink.

Customers can then "scan" the meal and land on a webpage about the dish's ingredients, step-by-step details on how it's made, and videos that educate on the background of the meal. Common menu advice is to "write enticing descriptions. Atelier Crenn in San Francisco has menu items like "The half moon, silky and smoky" and "Nature rejoice, chasing childhood memories.

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Some restaurants do away with menus to create a wholly personalized guest experience. People are coming up with unique restaurant ideas and concepts every day. What are some of yours and how will you bring them to life? These six restaurant discounts can help you attract new and repeat guests — plus, we'll share three rules to remember when develop This post will explore low- and no-cost ways to create a memorable sensory experience that'll drive new customers through the door Five proven ways to optimize your digital footprint and generate business out of online restaurant searches.

Email Email is required. Zip Code Zip Code is required. What does it take to be a successful restaurateur? Thick skin. And an endless amount of creativity. Team up with local farms More and more, diners are becoming conscious of where their food comes from. Open a chef incubator Make your chefs the main attraction of your restaurant. Try a pop-up restaurant Not ready to invest in a brick-and-mortar location just yet, but want to test your menu on a new audience? Feature rotating chefs Every month, invite another chef to take over your concept and showcase their talents.

Partner with other restaurants Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer… or, stop thinking of other restaurants as enemies. Do away with tipping Switching to a gratuity-free employment model — where front of house staff are paid a higher hourly wage often plus benefits and do not accept tips from customers — can be intimidating. Combine multiple concepts Some restaurants only make money at specific times of day, like brunch places that are busy in the morning and bars that are busy at night. Add animals to the ambiance There are definitely perks to having a pet-friendly restaurant.

Partner with local breweries If your craft beer sales are through the roof, consider partnering with local breweries to create a proprietary beer for your restaurant.

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Add a layer of mystery to your bar or restaurant Speakeasies and hidden bars or restaurants make customers feel like they're stumbling upon something secret and just for them. Offer a tasting room Do your guests like the finer things in life? Offer self-serve beer Yes, you read that right: self-service beer. Take beloved pop culture and bring it to life Saved by the Max in West Hollywood, CA is modeled after the old diner from Saved by the Bell and has everything that you could possibly imagine from the show: Bayside Tigers logos, lockers with names on them, and even the exact layout from the show.

Open a tribute bar or restaurant In that same vein, perhaps your bar or restaurant could be a tribute to a person. Turn off the lights Teach your guests to experience food in a new way. Take your guests to another world Ninja New York sends guests to a subterranean labyrinth where servers are dressed as ninjas who not only serve food but also perform magic tricks and regularly tumble around. Put eco-friendliness front and center Make customers feel your purpose-driven mission and vision every time they walk through the door.

Give your guests a mission SafeHouse , with locations in Milwaukee and Chicago, is a restaurant that turns guests into secret agents, forcing them to use a password to get in and find clues to complete a mission. Make the history of your building work for you Turn a historic spot into a dining destination. Do one thing… really well Center your restaurant or cafe around a single item you are constantly improving upon. Turn dinner into a game of chance With an ever-changing menu and concept, Next Restaurant in Chicago is known as an innovator within their community.

Make food waste profitable Food waste is a big problem in the U. Combine food and beauty The Beauty Bar in NYC serves martinis and manicures, combining two comforts in a delightful way.

Give your restaurant a kitschy theme Some themes can be gimmicky. Food and drink can be medicinal At The National Restaurant Association Show , one of the more talked about menu trends was incorporating ingredients with medicinal benefits, like turmeric and kombucha. Tax Preparation. Commission-Only Sales. Online Courses. Instagram Marketing. Online Coaching. Amazon Reselling. Local Business Consulting. Phone Case Business. Affiliate Sales and Marketing.

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