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Thus the term is purposefully ambiguous. This spiritual milk is rational--it is grasped with the mind. Thus Christianity is essentially rational, but not rational in the worldly sense, but rational in a spiritual sense. Human reason must be subject to the written revelation God has given of Himself in the Bible. But you cannot know God without using your mind, since He has revealed Himself in the propositional revelation of the written Word. Packer says that the Puritans were educators of the mind.

This balance would correct many of the excesses of our day. I meet many Christians who are heavily subjective. They operate on a feeling level, devoid of solid theological content. The Word of God ought to fill our minds with the knowledge of God and move our hearts with His majesty and love. We are always to be feeding on this nourishing milk. It is simple enough for the youngest infant in the faith, but solid enough for the most mature saints. It will immunize her baby from many illnesses and nourish her baby for growth.

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Peter means salvation in its ultimate sense, which includes everything that God has provided for us who are His children. We never reach a place in this life where we can stop growing. Just about every home with children has a growth chart.

Just as physical growth is not instant or readily seen, so with spiritual growth. But if you keep feeding on the milk of the Word, you will be nourished toward growth. A couple of times, I made the mistake of holding our newborn babies with my shirt off when they were hungry. When they latched on to my nipple, I gained new insight on what Peter meant here! In the context, it is clear that these relational sins will hinder your motivation for the Word These sins are baggage from our past before we were born again.

They surround us as we live in this sinful world. They are standard operating procedure for many people in the world, especially when they get into a tough situation. But Peter says that they are opposed to spiritual growth and they must be discarded like dirty clothes. It involves having ulterior motives in your communication. If we are inconsistent between how we behave at church and how we behave at home or at work, we are engaging in hypocrisies.

The Living Word of God

It means being jealous of another person or their things. It was the motive behind the crucifixion of Jesus: the religious leaders were envious of His popularity Mark Of course, it often goes with deceit. Christian communication stands against all these worldly ways. We are to speak the truth in love with a view to building up the other person Eph. It is a matter of obedience. Make a decisive break with your past and commit yourself to live as a Christian.

The cross of Christ, where a holy God made provision for me, the sinner, so that I could experience His forgiveness and receive eternal life as a free gift, ought to be the focus of every Christian every day.

I. What Preservations Means

I am amazed at how many Christians do not read their Bibles! God chose to communicate His Word in written form.

Reading is a learned skill that most people can master. But you also need to learn to read. Read it through several times. Also, read the Psalms and Proverbs. Then, tackle the whole Bible.

You can read through the Bible in a year if you read minutes a day. Get a Ryrie Study Bible or something similar in a modern translation to help you understand the flow of thought. But pray that God would show you something about Himself, about yourself, and about how He wants you to live. Observe it carefully: What does the text say? Get a concordance and study how words are used in the Bible.

The Preserved Word of God

Apply it prayerfully: What does it mean to me? How do I need to obey it? Memorize certain portions, so that God can use them in your life during the day. Listen to the Word preached every chance you get. It is to fill your life with delight as you get to know the Divine author and enjoy Him in all His perfections.

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Taste points both to personal experience and enjoyment. We can only taste for ourselves. You can see and hear and smell at a distance, but you can only taste something by touching it to your tongue. Background to the Book of Numbers. As recorded in the Book of Exodus, Israel escaped slavery in Egypt — God miraculously set them free from hundreds of years of bondage. They came through the Red Sea and saw God provide through the desert wilderness.

They came to Mount Sinai where God appeared to them in a spectacular way; where Moses went up on the mountain to meet with God and receive the law. At the end of the Book of Leviticus, they have been out of Egypt for a little more than a year. Exodus covered a year; Leviticus only a month — but the Book of Numbers encompasses more than 38 years. The wilderness was intended as a temporary place — a place to move through, not to live in. It is not a completely arid desert, but contains little vegetation and a few trees.

The rainfall in such areas is too light, a few inches per year, to support cultivation. Its opening ten chapters, covering a mere fifty days, describe how Moses organized Israel for the march from Sinai to the Promised Land.


The Book of Numbers gives us a big vision: Where is God taking us? What will it take to get there? What inward qualities must God develop in us and demand in us along the way? Promised Land people are very different from slave people. Israel emerged from Egypt a slave people, basically unsuited for the Promised Land. How would God transform them into a promised-land people?

Their difficulties had been great, their bondage cruel, but they were free from the necessity of thought and arrangement. Having escaped from their taskmaster, they imagined that freedom meant escape from rule.

Titles of Jesus in the Gospel of John

They had been taught in their year of encampment under the shadow of the mountain that they had to submit to law, and it was irksome to them, and they became discontented. This discontent resulted from lack of perfect confidence in God. When we are in the wilderness, we are tempted to launch a hundred different schemes and plans to escape. You and Aaron shall number them by their armies. This was the first step in taking the Promised Land — an inventory to see where Israel was and what Israel had to get where God wanted them to be.

Though the Promised Land has been mentioned during the exodus to this point, the focus has been on getting to Mount Sinai and receiving the law.