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Tongue-twisting vocal gymnastics. Experience the power of the human voice breathing life into monsters all around us. Frankenstein will leave you asking: who are the monsters we fear? Who created them? And how the hell did they just do that with their voices?! On the web bac. Character Introduction Details Additional information: Latecomers are admitted, re-admittance is allowed throughout the show.

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Ear defenders are available for those with sensory sensitivities. Our access tickets service is available to anyone who: Would like to book specific accessibility services, e. Audience Professional Post your review Colin George 83 days ago An extraordinary showcase of talent - such infectious energy and delivered with endless generosity.

Report abuse. Rebecca Bogucki 84 days ago A real taste of what the fringe is really about - a unique production performed live and devised by a group of young people, The beat boxing was amazing and the performances were remarkable. Christina O'Beirne 87 days ago Outstanding entertainment from start to finish - brilliantly crafted and a very polished performance worthy of an award!

Julie Phillips 88 days ago Excellent show.

Entertaining and well delivered. Got the whole audience involved Report abuse. Anthony Simpson 90 days ago An exceptional show! Z K 91 days ago Breathtaking! Fringe Bingers 91 days ago A top show, bursting with youthful energy, originality, creativity and humour, performed by a highly talented and engaging group of teens. Maria 94 days ago I've seen beatboxing a number of times before at the Fringe but these guys just blew my mind! Penny Wilson 99 days ago Stupendous show!

Ben L days ago This is one of the most interesting things I have seen in my life across any artistic medium. Between the return of Shlomo with two shows, one for adults and one for children, the prevalence of the form alongside tapdancers in Noise Boys, and the enjoyment of Boar at Pleasance Courtyard, it has hardly been better Their talent is off the charts. I found my jaw dropping, hands waving and mouth whooping at the display on stage. There is not a pre-recorded sound effect and yet the performance sounds like an incredible amount of pre-production had gone into it.

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Furthermore, all the performers were charismatic and funny - getting the audience on their feet to dance and holler on multiple occasions. Whilst they each clearly have their own favourite discipline, each performer moves demonstrates skills from contemporary dance to singing to acting with a professional level of skill.

Sounds shit, no? The familiar tale updated and refreshed with a 21st century urban perspective — ok, interesting. Sounds kind of fun. Six young musicians have recreated her year-old story with beatbox, creating a thudding, skittering, thundering soundtrack.

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In the intervening years the show has transformed into a slick … Read More I had prejudices about hip hop and beat box but my mind was blown by this show. Every sound is created live, and each performer has a strong identity. Is inhumanity truly born simply from reanimation, or is it a product of the already inhumane environment? Wildly unique and immaculately performed, The audience looks slightly intimidated by the noise potential of said amps. When the noise finally starts after a fun but rather distracting interactive in