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You can easily transform it into the feminine gender by replacing the last "o" by an "a". The same applies to plurals - in which case you need to ad an "s" after the "o" or "a". And the same for plurals: "Uns livr os abert os " and "Um as port as abert as. Don't forget to build sentences. You'll learn your Portuguese vocabulary better is you feel the words. Connectors are also very important words of the Portuguese vocabulary.

As their name suggests, they connect 2 sentences and put them together in a way that makes sense when we speak. You don't need to know many of them. In the following table we will have the most frequent and important ones:. Como se Ou [oh-oo] Or Ou While you are learning the Portuguese vocabulary, you'll realize that sometimes adverbs can also describe adjectives e.

So, "muito" [very] is the adverb and "bonita" [pretty] is the adjective. Also many adverb words that in English end in Can you imagine how may words you can immediately convert from English into Portuguese? Lots of them!

Brazilian Portuguese phrasebook – Travel guide at Wikivoyage

For instance, "immediately" in Portuguese is "imediatamente"; "automatically" in Portuguese is "automaticamente"; "basically" is "basicamente", and so on. In the following table, I'll present you the most common adverbs in the Portuguese vocabulary. I'm also adding some useful common expressions that use those adverbs. Learn them, and use them when you are talking to your Portuguese speaking friends. They will be impressed with your Portuguese skills!

But, hey! Don't be greedy!

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Remember: 10 words or expressions only per day. Otherwise you'll be retaining NONE in your memory! Portuguese adverb Word sound English translation Agora Agora? Too good! Tanto [tahn-too] So much Tanto melhor [tahn-too may-lyior] Even better Tanto faz [tahn-too fahsh] It doesn't matter Tanto quanto Interrogatives are also very important words of the Portuguese vocabulary.

Interrogatives are the question-words. They allow us to ask questions like "Onde? The interrogatives of the Portuguese vocabulary are like this:. Portuguese Interrogative Word sound Meaning A que horas? What time at? Com quem? Para onde? Para que?

Qual Quais? Quantos anos? De que tamanho? What size?

Portuguese Imperfect Irregular Verbs

However, it has to be said really fast to sound natural. And yes, now, go to the streets and start asking people questions in Portuguese!

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Even if nobody understands you in case you are in a non-Portuguese speaking country , at least you are practising by saying it aloud! Numbers are also very important words in the Portuguese vocabulary. Please click here to learn and practise the Portuguese numbers. With this Portuguese vocabulary you can already speak Portuguese! Do you feel like giving? If so, please click on the "Donate" button below to help me keep this website running. Muito obrigado!

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