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Aug 29, Sep 20, Surtout, ne lance pas cette canette! Qu'en est-il donc de cette transition? Le Visiteur change le destin de nombreuses personnes en essayant de l'accomplir, mais est-il en droit d'effectuer ces modifications? Jan 16, Jan 17, Tristan et Iseult. Feb Erec et Enide.

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Mar Coup N'Ame N'y descendez jamais 4. Pour cela, il suffit de faire preuve d'un peu de courage.

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Ainsi, les autres points de vue ne sont que des changements classiques de narration. En cela, N'y descendez jamais! Feb 26, Cyrano de Bergerac. Cyrano est un personnage terriblement attachant.

The Thirty-Nine Steps - FULL Audio Book - by John Buchan - Fiction

Dec 08, Dec 09, Beaumarchais, Pierre-Augustin C. Dec 05, Le Mariage de Figaro.

Six French poets; studies in contemporary literature online

Par ce fait, l'auteur critique les plus hautes classes sociales d'abuser de leur pouvoir. Beaumarchais ayant subi des soucis avec la justice, ce passage n'est donc pas anodin. Finalement, Le Mariage de Figaro est meilleur que le premier volet de la trilogie. Dec 03, Dec 04, Sa jalousie devient maladive au point qu'il ouvre le courrier de la jeune femme ou compte le nombre de feuilles de son carnet au cas de crainte qu'elle ait pu envoyer un billet doux. On ne badine pas avec l'amour. On peut y voir un beau message. Il y avait de bonnes intentions, un beau message, mais la forme rend le tout indigeste.

Dec 02, Nov 30, May 14, Kimiko aux enfers. Quelle est donc l'intrigue de ce premier opus? Un animal de compagnie? Finalement, Kimiko aux Enfers est un roman en demi-teinte. Nov 08, Nov 11, I'm wearing the hat Dad bought me, and Marsha is wearing my mom's chapeau. The slow life in Italy. In the park we enjoyed these circular benches which surrounded all the palm trees. Just as charming were the Italian ladies who chatted about tout et rien.

We stopped at a seaside eatery for pasta and when it was time to pay the waiter pointed to the bill and said "This here is tax and not the service or built-in tip. You can leave the tip on the table. When confronted, the waiter changed his story, indicating that if we wished to leave extra for the tip is indeed already included in the total price, as a service charge then we could leave it on the table If the woman with a T-shirt on her head finds out I took her photo she might clobber me. But what she doesn't know is that she is a work of art.

This is one of my favorite images from our trip--it re-ignites a passion for portrait-taking only boldness is lacking, and to ask a stranger permission is to destroy the photoworthy moment. The sea, beyond, was rough and when Jean-Marc and Dad went out for a swim they were carried down the coast by a rip tide! They easily reached the shore near the little cove you see just beyond.

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  • The next day we visited St. Remo, where another busy market was underway--and there were several antiques shops like this one And this vintage boutique with the hand-painted shop sign. I hope Dad doesn't mind all the photos I snap of him. So sometimes I'm sneaky We were looking at the night sky when Dad mentioned something about the supermoon --apparently this was the night to see one! This snapshot won't win the "supermoon" photo contests, but this is how the lune appeared on June 23rd in the town of St Remo, Italy. Comments To leave a comment on this, or any other item in today's post click here.

    See you in a few days, with more French words and photos. Forward this edition to a friend , and help spread the French word. For more words, buy the book. Views of Roussillon. C'est moi qui paye!

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    Don't be silly. I'm paying for it! As Marsha looks around the small boutique, I can see nostalgie in her eyes: "My kids would each choose something--they loved hardware stores too! And over there you can get a new key made. It's the everything store ," I say, as our eyes comb the walls of the narrow shop, filled to the brim with machin-trucs , or doodads.

    Speaking of dads, I feel a little guilty for dragging mine into the "everything" store, after our latest shopping sprees: we've been to the butcher's--for cordon bleu and beignets de courgettes --and to the market for a hat and a dress! The shopkeeper seems to agree too and he snaps up two more bills from Dad's wallet.

    As the transaction comes to a close, the shop's cat, "Fefield" from Felix and Garfield--his family couldn't make up their minds looks up from his post beneath the canned paint. He stretches his legs and yawns as the sentimental tourists leave his shop. Exercises in French Phonics Dad and his morning coffee. He's in the family room, where Marsha is answering an email to her grandson, Aaron.

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    I can hear her giggling reading Aaron's message. Three shades of bleu : sky blue, t-shirt blue, ping pong table blue. Dad and Marsha love playing ping pong with their grandchildren. That hat Marsha and Dad bought me. It's hanging on the window, waiting for another stroll out to the garden, or a picnic. Speaking of lunch I'm off now to see about those left-over cordon bleus. See you next week! Enjoy your weekend To comment on this post, click here. A couple of fish, poolside. Love this snapshot of Dad and Jackie taken in when Jackie was 5 years old.

    By the way, did I tell you my dad is a famous actor? Just kidding-- but he is a star in his daughter's heart! Is there a difference between a droguerie and a quincaillerie? To comment on this, or any other item in today's edition, click here.

    Une erreur s'est produite !

    See the comments or share one. Photo taken in St. Posted at AM Permalink Comments It will remain a whimsical and wonderful souvenir of my visit with Dad. Note: Pop and I aren't really drinking sodas and I never call Dad "pop", except to name this photo : that's a can of water in my left hand and a camera in my right.

    Dad's holding a can of beer. Did you know you can walk around a seaside town in France, beer in hand? But you cannot drink beer at a snack stand unless you have ordered food. It's French law , according to the snack stand owner. A figure of speech consisting of a stereotypical expression that becomes banal after overuse in a language.

    The hosts. For the first time in a long time it feels like summertime.

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    Having family come to visit means pulling oneself away from the computer and stepping outside to enjoy life. Jean-Marc said to me the other day, I'm really enjoying your Dad and Marsha's visit! They are so fun, helpful, and discreet. They're pretending to be part of this still life trompe l'oeil. They enjoy life as kids do--having found each other later in life, some 25 years after Dad and my mom divorced. They've been married 19 years now. My mom is a big fan of Marsha's and says that Marsha is the best thing that ever happened to my Dad. See a photo of Mom and Marsha, near the end of this post.

    Dad and me.