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Individual Effectiveness 16 items : Results analyzed in individuals were identification and commitment, and absenteeism.

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Data analysis was performed using SPSS Correlations were sought between the control variables, the independent variables and the dependent variables. Subsequently, linear regression analyses including those variables with significant correlations were performed. The first step contained a control-only model, including gender, organizational tenure, position, and importance ratings of internal and external-focus policies. The principal component analysis of all the variables produced four distinct factors.

The four factors accounted for Thus, it could be claimed that the common method bias was not a serious threat. Between The policies perceived as being the most deployed are the external-focus policies. Specifically, the percentage of employees who claimed to know that their organization was working with the local community and had strategic partnerships with specialized institutions was The less known policies, both from the internal-focus, were corporate policies that define commitment and company goals concerning labor inclusion of people with disabilities Regarding the results of individual effectiveness, the participants stated that they identified with and felt affectively committed to the organization Table 3.

The majority of participants had not been absent from work for reasons other than the fact of having suffered an accident Among those who took time off work, Table 4 presents the correlations between the control, dependent and independent variables. Contrary to expectations, perceived deployment of external-focus policies did not correlate with any of the variables, except with the perceived deployment of internal-focus policies.

Therefore, we removed external-focus policies perception from subsequent analysis.

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Likewise, absenteeism did not correlate with any independent variable so it was also eliminated from subsequent analysis. The control variable tenure correlated negatively and significantly with the perception of deployment of internal-focus policies and positively with identification, exchange commitment, affective commitment and value commitment. This indicates an increase in the identification with and commitment to the organization over the years, and a decrease in perceived deployment of internal-focus policies. Note: Values reported are standardized regression coefficients.

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The first step included age, gender, position, tenure, and perceived importance of internal and external policies as control variables. The control-only models were not statistically significant, while the second model was significant in two cases Identification and Value commitment. In both cases there exists a positive relationship with internal-focus policies. Figure 1 shows that employees with low deployment perception of internal policies those who consider that none or one of the internal policies are deployed have lower levels of identification and value commitment than those with high deployment perception of internal policies those who consider that at least two of the internal policies are deployed.

In this sense, it is important to facilitate the development of corporate social responsibility policies aimed at inclusion and addressing the needs of vulnerable groups such as people with disabilities. Corporate social responsibility policies deployment allows, on the one hand, an organization to comply with local, national and international regulations concerning the inclusion of people with disabilities in the productive sector and, on the other hand, helps the company build a socially responsible image, thus increasing its social acceptance Galbreath, Regarding results, it is interesting to point out that the high lack of knowledge by employees in relation to the degree of deployment of CSR policies.

In this sense, other studies indicate that employees tend to perceive low levels of information on issues related to political and organizational strategies Morsing, Policies with higher levels of knowledge by employees are the external focus. This result indicates that companies tend to prioritize marketing campaigns linked to their CSR policies Chaudhri, Concerning the impact of corporate social responsibility policies on employees, in this research we found that only the perception of internal-focus policies had an effect on their identification and commitment especially value commitment , while the external-focus policies did not have any effect.

With regard to results for tenure, we observe that they correlated significantly with perceived deployment of internal-focus policies, indicating that a longer tenure generates lower deployment perception of internal policies.

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In this sense, our results could be showing a greater awareness and criticism about the policies and strategies developed by the organization. No significant relationships were found between the perceptions of employees and absenteeism rates, contrary to our expectations. This circumstantial fact may justify the low absenteeism rates uncovered by our research, which may also have contributed to the lack of significant results.

Specifically, we plan to analyze whether those sectors that have been more deeply affected by the crisis present different results to those in this study.

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However, the difficulties of labor inclusion of this target-group are still evident. The results obtained from this research are promising and represent a first step towards further study of the role played by policies oriented to inclusion of people with disabilities in organizational and work contexts. In this sense, we believe it is necessary to further develop strategic internal policies committed to inclusion and equality opportunities, in order to achieve the double objective: to increase identification and commitment and to enhance labor inclusion of people with disabilities.

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Las empresas españolas crean valor. Responsabilidad Social Corporativa en Iberoamérica.

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The contribution of corporate social responsibility to organizational commitment. Branco, M. Corporate social responsibility and resource-based perspectives.

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European Business Review, 22 4 , Disability in the Workplace: Company Practices. Geneva: ILO. ISO Guidance on Social Responsibility. Kim, H. Corporate social responsibility and employee-company identification. Journal of Business Ethics, 95, Morsing, M. Corporate social responsibility as strategic auto-communication: On the role of external stakeholders for member identification. The period for submitting candidatures for the second edition of the go! The aim of these awards is to distinguish those innovations that contribute to the achievement of the Agenda, the global roadmap that specifies the goals of the international community in the period to eradicate poverty and promote sustainable and equitable development.

The call is open until 1 October for projects that have an innovative character, belong to or are carried out from a corporation, company, entrepreneurial initiative or civil society organization, and have a positive impact on at least one SDG. In its first edition projects with high impact related to entrepreneurship, water, vaccination, depopulation or the circular economy were recognized. The registration form is now available on the website www. The new go!

Candidates can apply in two ways: on the one hand, through the proposal of projects by some of the promoting entities, reference organizations in our country that have awards, programs or incubations focused on innovation and are experts in the field.