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So is mankind: when a wealth is in reach and a god will provide it, Bringing them gifts with his own hand, they do not know it, nor see. Loads they must bear, before; now they name what is dearest, Now, for speaking it, words, flower-like, must come to be.

Warum schweigen auch sie, die alten heilgen Theater? Warum freuet sich denn nicht der geweihete Tanz? Nothing shall see the light that does not please the Exalted; Idle effort consorts ill with the Ethereal. Thus to be worthy to stand full in this heavenly presence, Ranked in glorious hierarchies peoples rise up One with another, and build the lovely temples and cities; Strong and noble, they rise high over coast and cliff — Yes, but where? And the familiar, flowering crowns of the feast-day? Now, that is how you run a fiddle game.

That is how the game is played. Suggest an example. So spielt man nicht mit dem Leben anderer. You can't play with someone's life like that. So spielt man nicht die Unnahbare.


That's not playing hard to get. So spielt man bis zum Abpfiff. That's playing till the whistle blows. Und so spielt man dieses Spiel. That's how you play the game. So spielt man aber nicht mit Murmeln, Jack. That's not how you play marbles, Jack. It's how you play on the streets. ALF, so spielt man nun mal Scharade.

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That's how you play charades. Nein, so spielt man nicht. No, that's not how you play. So spielt man nicht mit einem Mann. You don't tease a man like this. So spielt man am besten Gitarre.

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That's the best guitar playing. So spielt man heute Gitarre, oder was? Und so spielt man Happy Hands.